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Kathmandu Tour
Kathmandu Tour is very Interesting Scenery and historically and artistically it is very popular in the world. First of all, Kathmandu valley is surrounded by tier upon green mountain walls above tower great snowcapped peaks. The valley covers an area of 218 sq. miles. It is situated at 1,370 meter above Sea Level.
Kathmandu Tour is contains three legendary cities of great historic, Religious and Cultural interest. Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, every city has been Durbar Square. Around Seventeenth century old temples and old monuments epitomizes the religious and cultural life of the people.
Kathmandu valley Tour often describe as an open air art gallery. Thousands of holy Shrines of brick, stone, metal and wood scattered during it. Kathmandu Durbar Square Tour, This is main place, while we are in a Kathmandu tour. You will visit Hanuman Dhoka or another name of this place called as Basantapur. But the old historic place of Kathmandu named after Monkey God Hanuman.
Kathmandu valley TourKathmandu Valley Tour called Sightseeing in Kathmandu also, It is historic seat of Royalty. The king of Nepal is crowned and their coronation also held inside the court-yard here. There is a statue of King Pratap Malla sitting in the stone pillar in front of the Jagannatha temple. In a Mediaeval period within the walking distance you will find the tall temple of Taleju from 1,549 AD.
There is one large black statue called Kala Bhairab, the god of destruction. The Big bell and big Drum is Hindu Lord Shiva and his Consort Parvati Peeping from window of Kumari House. Kumari means Virgin girl, the girl is selected from Shakya family who followed Buddhism. The Building has profusely carved wooden Balconies and window screen.
Finally, there is several interesting temple Kasthamandap which is believed to build from a single tree trunk. After that, the name Kathmandu is derived from this temple Kasthamandap. This Building is resting place for homeless worker in Kathmandu.
Visit around Kathmandu Valley
Swyambhunath Stupa (Monkey Temple):
Kathmandu Tour cover Golden spire crowning a conical wooded hill Swyambhu Stupa or (Monkey Temple). It is one of the best and most ancient and enigmatic of all the holy Shrines in Kathmandu Valley. Swyambhu Stupa is lofty white Dome and glittering golden spire are visible for many miles and from all sides valley. Historical records found on stone inscription give evidence that the Stupa was already an important Buddhist Pilgrimage destination by the 5th century AD.
However, the date to a much earlier time, long before the arrival of Buddhism in to the valley. The collection of legends about the site, the 15th century Swyambhu Purana. Mythical legends tell Miraculous Lotus, Planted by a past Buddha, which blossomed from the lake that once covered Valley. The Lotus mysteriously radiated a brilliant Light and the name of the place came to be Swyambhu. The meaning Self-Created or Self Existent.
Miraculous light for its power in granting enlightenment during this time. The Bodhisattva Manjushree was meditating at the sacred mountain of Wu Tai Shan and had a vision of the dazzling Swyambhu Light.
Swyambhustupa worshippers include Hindus, Vajrayana Buddhist of Northern Nepal Tibet and the Newari Buddhist of central and Southern Nepal.
Each morning before dawn, hundreds of pilgrims will ascend the 365 steps that lead up the hill. File past the gilded Vajra (Tibetan Dorje) and two lions guarding the entrance and begin a series of clockwise circumlocutions of the Stupa. On the Square shape of Stupa, There is a pair of big eyes. These ayes are symbolic of God’s all seeing perspective. There is no nose between the eyes but rather a representation of the number one in the Nepali alphabet. It signifying that the single way to enlightenment is through the Buddhist path.

Pashupatinath Temple Tour
Pashupatinath Temple Tour: This is a temple of Lord Shiva-Pashupatinath. Two tiered golden roof and four silver doors situated five kilometer east of Kathmandu at the bank of Bagmati River. This is being holy place of pilgrimage attractions for thousands of Hindu pilgrims every year in spring. At the bank of Bagmati River one can also observe the cremation place.
Baudhanath Stupa Tour: This stupa is 6Km to the east of Kathmandu and is said built in 5th century Ad. This ancient stupa is one of the biggest in the world and is ringed by Buddhist lamas and monasteries. This is an incredibly holy stupa, Tibetan Buddhists who come here thousands in winter festival to pray their tribute.
Patan Durbar Square Tour: The Ancient city Patan is also known as a Lalitpur. Which means city of fine arts lies 5km to the south of Kathmandu. The whole complex of Durbar square consists of different sections of ancient palace like Sundari Chowk. Where exquisite windows and door carving are seen and the Tushahity. A master piece of Stone carvings and others are Mul Chowk and Keshav Narayan Chowk. In front of the palace in the main square there is a statue of King Narendra Malla sitting on the stone pillar. Next to the pillar there is a famous Krishna Temple with 21 pinnacles built all in stone.
Kathmandu tour make many Shikhara Architect from India. Rest you will see several pagoda style temples like temple of Bhimsen, and the public bath, dragon headed spout and the water runs 24 hours. There are also many other famous Buddhist temple like Hiranya Verna Maha Vihar. Another Maha Boudha with ten thousands Buddha’s images. Most of the people of Patan city are Buddhists. Patan is also very well-known in its art work.
There are many craftsmen in patan produce bronze/Brass art work in different Hindu/Buddhist Gods and Goddesses Statues. Silver Jewelries, wood carvings are Most of the handicrafts you see in shops of Kathmandu valley are produced in patan.
Budanilkantha Tour: Kathmandu tour covers Budanilkantha. Which is massive stone statue of Hindu Lord Vishnu reclining on the bed of snakes. It is from 5th century Ad situated about 8 km to the north of Kathmandu at the base of Shivapuri hills. The shrine is in the middle of pond, On the top of hill. This is an old Newar village town and people are farmers and living in old traditional culture. The town offers to see many old temples and Buddhist shrines. One can find people weaving in old traditional looms.

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  • Entrance fees of all place world heritage monument like Monkey temple, Durbar square, Pashupati temple and Boudhanath stupa.
  • Lunch and drinks of the day
  • Phone and Internet
  • Tips for Guide and Driver
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We enjoyed our tour with our guide Dhurba Bhatta one of the best tour guide i have experienced. He knows the best touring sites of kathmandu and is very flexible and accomodating to my needs. We had fun touring around the city. I highly recommend him as a tour guide. We would definately do another tour with him in the future
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