River Rafting

River Rafting


Rafting in Nepal gained immense popularity as tourism culture started to blossom in Nepal in the early eighties. A series of the world’s most outstanding white-water river rafting and kayaking are found here. White water bubbled rafting means cruising down the gushing waters of river in an inflatable rubber raft or kayak over roaring waves and swirling fast-moving water for the excitement of a lifetime. Its a challenging venture that pumps your adrenaline right to the hilt.

Drifting along the raging waves of river Kali Gandakhi, Trisuli, Sun Kosi, Karnali or Bheri with a scintillating kaleidoscope of high mountain peaks, dense vegetations and mysterious wilderness as its backdrop unfolds irresistible challenges and exciting adventure. Nepal white water rafting can be experienced as a short 2 day excursion, or in the style of an expedition where we walk in for two days and then paddle a distance of 150 km or more over a period of two weeks. Almost every trek or cultural tour in Nepal or Tibet can be round off with ‘rafting trips’ or can be combined with a wild life safari trip. 'Go-wild' rafting is a part of nature's beauty at its wildest.

River rafting trips are designed perfectly for novices and families to ultimate thrill-seekers. If the adventure spirit, flexibility, patience, and boldness are ingrained in you, then Nepali rafting trips are rightfully meant for you. Our river rafting guides are professionals trained in emergency wilderness first aid and swift-water rescue. Keeping your safety as our utmost priority; we use the best rafts, flotation devices, helmets and paddles. Please have a look through our website for detailed information on ‘Nepal Rafting trips’ graded according to the difficulty of their run. Rafting, combined with treks, are absolutely unavoidable ventures when visiting Nepal.

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