Precaution for Nepal Travel

  • The form of greeting in Nepal is Namaste and is performed by joining the palm together
  • Respect privacy when taking photographs
  • Before entering a Nepalese home, temple, and stupa remember to remove your shoes.
  • Cheap charity breeds beggars but does not solve their basic problems therefore do not encourage beggar by being benevolent.
  • Protect the natural environment.
  • Develop a genuine interest to meet and talk to Nepalese people and respect their local customs.
  • Take photographs only after receiving permission for the object or person being photographed.
  • Keep local water clean and avoid using pollutants.
  • Burn dry paper and packets in a safe place.
  • Never touch anything with your feet. This is considered an offence among Nepalese.
  • Respect local traditions, customs, values and sentiments to help them protect local culture and maintain local pride.
  • Plants should be left to flourish in their natural environment.
  • It is better not to touch the persons when they are on the way to temple.

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