Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour is a Landing at Everest Kalapathar of hit helicopter visit in Nepal to see Mount Everest is the closest distance. Flying over the Himalayas and getting a charge out of the perspectives on the world’s most astounding mountain like a feathered creature is conceivable by a helicopter flight.

A grand mountain trip by a helicopter on contract premise gives a monstrous chance to investigate the world’s relentless Himalayas, scenes, and ice sheets. Everest Base Camp Helicopter visit arriving at Kalapathar slope is the world’s best helicopter riding visit.

The helicopter flight begins from Kathmandu, a residential part of Tribhuvan Worldwide Airplane terminal (TIA) and grounds at the Kalapathar slope after the additional fuel charge in Lukla. Flying towards the eastern piece of Kathmandu, a helicopter flies over the town, agrarian ranch lands, wildernesses, waterways, and slopes. The aircraft takes around 45 minutes to achieve the Lukla air terminal heli cushion. In the path of refilling the fuel, a helicopter flies to Syangboche top at 3800m from ocean level.

The pilot balances the weight of around 250 kgs of individuals inside the chopper and passes to Kalpathar, which takes around a little ways from Syangboche. The helicopter pursues the Himalayas up to the Everest Base Camp. During this time, you will appreciate the vistas of Mount Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Makalu, Amadablam, Pumori, and additional a few mountain tops.

In the wake of getting the helicopter at 5400 meters at Kalapathar, you will have 5 to 7 minutes for photos and touring. You will appreciate the closeup perspectives on Mount Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, and Pumori mountains. After the photograph sessions, you will return by helicopter to Syangboche where you will eat and tea-rest.

Everest View is the world’s most unique 5-star lodging at the height of 3800 meters and offers all-encompassing perspectives on the Himalayas. The helicopter flies back to Kathmandu and finishes the Everest visit.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Visit Cost

The trek cost for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter visit shifts of the visit type. Private contract flights offer the expense of the entire flight cost for your whole gathering. All your trip is an individual advertisement the chopper flies for you. The most significant number of people per flight is five pax in a single helicopter.

Another approach to joining the Everest Base Camp excursion is the gathering entering the premises. We have fixed the takeoff flight date for the Everest Base Camp. Sometimes you are single and want or couple and need to share the total expense of the helicopter by joining with others. You can fly with other intrigued individuals on the same flight. The gathering size is the highest five people for every plane and the cost is on the sharing premise of the total contract cost per head.

Ordinarily, helicopter flights in Nepal charge US$ 1500 every hour. It takes around 3 hours for Everest Base Camp Heli Visit, so the sanction cost per trip is US$ 4,500/- for max Five people. Luckily if you are fortunate and the gathering joining flight has five individuals, at that point your per individual helicopter visit costs US$ 900 to 1100. Generally, the expense may be a bit costly due to the high season and low season for hikers availability.

Everest Helicopter Visit Cost

Everest Sanction Flight (Private Tour) US$ 4000/- (Max 5 people), Gathering Joining Cost US$ 1100 for individual

Best Time for Everest Heli Visit

Helicopter flights need to calculate the weight to carry. Likewise, you need to appreciate the vistas of a mountain by helicopter, so the clear sky is the most significant for a helicopter visit. In Nepal, in storm season it rains vigorously, and in winter the snow falls in the mountains. Anyway, the flight can be conceivable by checking the climate conditions. The best time for helicopter visits to Everest is the spring and fall seasons. Spring season falls in Spring, April-May and harvest time season falls in September, October, and November.

Helicopter visit is conceivable during the year about; however, for reasonable perspectives and permeability, Walk –May to September to Early December is the best time. In the long stretch of December, January, and February are the conceivable flight time.

In the most significant months, the helicopter flight promptly in the first part of the day time around 6 or 6:30 am from Kathmandu to Everest is considered the best time for dawn sees over the Himalayas. The Helicopter flight is conceivable in the sunlight. It finishes before the sun sets.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Itinerary

The helicopter flights begin promptly in the first part of the day. We will take you to the airplane terminal via vehicle for the helicopter ride. After the managerial procedure, we fly to Everest, and the timetable is ordinary as follows:

6:00 am – Kathmandu airplane terminal for helicopter fly

6:45 am – Grounds at Lukla airplane terminal heli cushion
10 am – Kathmandu airplane terminal landing

The visit agenda can be changed or calendared according to your prerequisite.

Individual Agenda (Gear) for Heli Visit

The accompanying things are recommended for the helicopter visit to Mount Everest.

Waterproof down coat (windproof) and pants (be prepared for the point of solidification)

Top or sun cap

Scarf for spreading your face from sun and residue

Shades Goggles are fundamental to get a couple that removes 100% UV beams

Sun Screen cream of over 20 ph

High-security factor [20 or higher] or high elevation ice sheet cream because of thin air the U/V is more grounded in the sun.  Assurance for the lips with sunscreen, Water bottle with water, Tissue, Camera, and riggings, for example, batteries memory cards, chargers, and so forth. Shoes with warm socks are necessary if there is very cold weather due to snow.

Helicopter Flight Gathering Joining Dates

For the gathering joining helicopter flights, check the fixed takeoff dates plan for the plane and the accessible seats. A trip can take up to six people from Kathmandu. Typically five people are agreeable in the helicopter. So check the flight calendar dates with nearby helicopter visit administrators. On the off chance that the time is comparable with different explorers, at that point, you can participate.

Additionally, you have a plan for the helicopter visit sooner than a month, and you can offer for different individuals to participate in your date. Gathering a helicopter flight is best for sharing your total sanction cost. If you are in a gathering, at that point sanction trip for your group is the best.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Booking

To make your visit ensure takeoff, you should book your tour before the office. Helicopters in the bustling traveler season are hard to mastermind your flight. So plan some days earlier and make your helicopter visit booking affirm for your date and time. It is mandatory to confirm your battle plan for your helicopter visit.

Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight

For trekkers who need progressively adaptable trips with their value sanction, the Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter flight is a discretionary decision. The contract helicopter flight cost is imparted to the all-out flying individuals in the helicopter visit. So Lukla trip by helicopter ride is a savvy decision for trekkers or people with brilliant perspectives on the Himalayas and scenes. Helicopter KTM to Lukla keeps your timetable of a trekking visit by flying even the flights to Lukla progress toward becoming drop.

Synopsis :

Everest Base Camp helicopter trip arriving at Kalapathar or base camp is the world’s best visit to investigate the Himalayas. The tour is best in apparent permeability and climate. Furthermore, the helicopter flight is thoroughly relying upon the environment, so might fly on schedule. The visit by helicopter is your lifetime paramount to see the world’s most noteworthy mountain in close-up.

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